Logos Mission Ship

3-months in the Caribbean onboard Logos Hope with Operation Mobilisation

The Church helped to support one of the young people who felt called to go and serve with Christian mission organisation Operation Mobilisation onboard Logos Hope; A ship with a community of over 400 people from 60 different nationalities all working together to deliver “knowledge, help and hope” through various onboard and onshore ministries.

Sharing a room with 10 other girls, Life onboard was far from boring. Working 7 hours a day, 5 days a week to help prepare and serve food to the 400 crew members, and 1 day a week to go and be involved in an onshore ministry. These onshore ministries ranged from providing healthcare and aid, to delivering testimonies in children’s homes, schools, and prisons, to venturing into the rainforest to small communities to share the good news of the Gospel with them. Life onboard was challenging at times, from the physical demand of manual labour and working while sailing, to the emotional challenges of experiencing first-hand the difficulties faced by those around the world.

Despite these challenges, this trip can only be described as “life changing”, living by faith so far from home, and being surrounded by fellow believers lead to real personal and spiritual growth, with plenty of opportunities to encounter God, experience his love and faithfulness while witnessing his power and goodness at work.

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