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Mental health groups

Depression, anxiety and all the other ways that we can struggle with our mental health are at epidemic levels in the UK. For some people it’s a long-term struggle and for others it’s an unexpected new experience. Its ok to struggle, and not be ok. Help is here.

At New Life we run a 12-week program that helps us to cope and find ways to live with our struggles well, which all helps in our recovery. It is not group therapy or anything like that, more like well-being groups.

Wk 1 Honesty

Wk 2 Anxiety

Wk 3 Depression

Wk 4 Shame

Wk 5 Anger

Wk 6 Disappointment

Wk 7 Perfectionism

Wk 8 Forgiveness

Wk 9 Self-Acceptance

Wk 10 Healthy Relationships

Wk 11 Resiliance

Wk 12 Review

Rachel Murray

Mental Health Coordinator

There is a Japanese art called Kintsugi that fixes broken ornaments. Instead of hiding the break in a vase they fill the crack with gold. The idea is that something that has been broken and mended is more beautiful than something that has never been broken. We run Kintsugi well-being groups because we believe this is true for people too.

If you would like to know when the next Wellbeing group starts or just want to find out more you can contact Rachel at rachel@nlccl.org.uk  or you can text or call 07859 926559.

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