Eternally Secure And Safe

Hi folks,

I have been struck reading the gospel of John recently and how Jesus did not die prematurely. It has a lot to say about how God keeps Christians so that not one will be lost.

In chapter 7v1, it says that Jesus didn’t go about in Judea because the Jews were trying to kill him. In v30 it says no one could lay a hand on Him because his ‘hour had not yet come’. So Jesus was kept safe because He was wise about how he lived and where He went. He was also kept safe because the Father did not allow anything to happen to Him that was outside His will.

In the same way, God keeps us safe through telling us to live wisely, avoid sin, stay in close fellowship etc. He also actively keeps us safe. There is a wonderful synergism in how Christians are kept eternally secure.

We find a great picture of this in Acts 27. Paul is on a ship that is caught in a storm. An angel assure Paul that they will all be safe. So Paul encourages everyone on board with this news, but also says “You must stay in the boat”.

Safety is assured, but we are still responsible to ‘stay in the boat’. So let’s:

“show the same earnestness to have the full assurance of hope until the end, so that we may not be sluggish, but imitators of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises” (Hebrews 6v11-12)


Every blessing for a great week.


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